Therm-O-Light (Type 1) is a loose-fill thermal and acoustical cellulose fibre insulation (CFI) manufactured from specially selected grades of recycled paper and paperboard products.

Therm-O-Light can be installed manually by hand (i.e. hand pouring) or by using pneumatic blowing equipment.

Therm-O-Light can be used in new or existing buildings and is suitable for use in both above and below grade applications. It can be applied to any open horizontal or sloped surface with a pitch up to 4.5 in 12, as well as any enclosed space such as walls, floors, flat roofs and cathedral ceilings.

Therm-O-Light is treated with a special blend of non-corrosive borate and sulphate fire retardant additives, which protects the product and adjacent construction materials against mould growth, wood decay, insect damage and discourages rodent activity.

We install the best cellulose insulation on the market.